Side Effects of Refined Cooking Oil

By definition, refined oil refers to certain kinds of cooking oil that have the component of mono-unsaturated fats in them. These oils tend to have the longest shelf life and are likely the least expensive option. This makes them a popular choice.

The popularity has nothing to do however, with how safe or healthy these oils are. On the contrary it has been established with enough research to support the hypothesis that the more refined the oil, the higher risks to life and health it carries for its regular or daily uses.

With a strong focus on curries and other such food, India and Indians use cooling oil extensively in almost all dishes. This makes understanding the gravity of using refined oils even more imperative.

How is oil refined

The procedure for the refinement of oil is and even its extraction for use as refined oil is where the trouble starts and stays. All the harmful side effects that come from the regular or daily consumption of refined oil can be linked back to there two processes. Let us take a look at the exact processes in play here.

A chemical solvent or oil milk is used to extract these oils from the plants. This in itself introduces chemicals into the basic structure of the oil and the harmful effects can begin from this point itself.  It is then made worse by constant purification, refining and altering through chemicals as techniques that are used to make this oil seem better and sell more.

It is for this reason that the process makes the oil so extracted and processed less safer than oils that are made by crushing or pressing plants and seeds.

Side effects

Now that you know just what these oils are and how they are made, let us get to the crux of the matter which is what really are the side effects and problems that come from continuous consumption of these.

  • Illnesses

Studies have been conducted at length and have come to prove and show that the constant use of these purified and refined versions of oils increase measurably the chances of regular consumers getting diabetes or cancer. The former is categorically established while the latter is still pending more study.

These illnesses are seen by many doctors as lifestyle diseases and their rates of occurrence are much higher in urban India. This is likely the root cause of the same.

What is undeniably true here is that these oils are only harmful to the body and have barely any if at all good effects on us.

  • Bodily reactions

Constant refining which is a part of the process of making these oils often results in taking away the natural and good attributes of the oil. What is left is water like consistency and a lot of chemicals.

These chemicals when they enter and stay in our body (as they are more difficult to process and pass) lead to biochemical reactions in out body that are very harmful for us.

In light of the above, we would recommend that you make an informed choice of the oils you use and avoid refined oils at all costs.

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