From Farm to Plate

Handpicked Ingredients

Locally produced & handpicked ingredients, free of genetically curated organisms and chemicals.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Traditional practices supplemented with modern technology and processing methods to reduce carbon emissions.

Empowering the Farmers

Support for local farmers by providing employment and training, to both men and women, whilst improving their quality of life.

Delivered With Love & Care

Hygienic packing and labeling, and delivery by trusted logistics partners for amazing customer experience.

Why Meera Natural Oils


Meera Natural Oils was conceptualized with the aim to become a self-sustaining start-up to revive the long lost traditional methods of oil extraction from oil-seeds to preserver the natural quality, taste, aroma, and health benefits.


All products manufactured by Meera Natural Oils are 100% healthy and natural as no chemical treatment or heating processes are used to extract the oils. We compensate for the lower yield by providing high-quality products.


Our robust supply chain ensures that we directly source the raw materials from local farmers thus ensuring that they get a fair price for their produce and at the same time improve their life quality.


Wood-press machines are used for oil extraction at all Meera Natural Oils manufacturing centers which removes the need to heat the oil-seeds or add any kind of additives to improve the yield.


The by-products obtained as a process of the oil-extraction process are supplied to animal husbandry farms to be used as feed for livestock, thus ensuring that zero leftovers are achieved.


The natural extraction process of cold-pressed oils retains the nutritional value which is otherwise not found in conventionally produced foods.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils


Having high nutritional value, cold-pressed oils are highly recommended as an alternative to refined cooking oil. Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids are abundantly found in cold-pressed oils, along with all essential vitamins, zinc, potassium, lecithin, and bioflavonoids.


Food items cooked using cold-pressed oils retain the natural taste and flavor and make the experience an enriching one because the absence of a heating process ensures that the flavor and aroma are retained completely. When used for cooking, this blends quite amazingly with the spices to give an exquisite taste of the dishes prepared using cold-pressed oils.


A rich source of oleic acids, cold-pressed oils are quite beneficial for building up the immune system of the human body. These oils are also rich with natural antioxidants which are useful for reducing cell damage in the human body. These antioxidants reduce the risk of free radical damage.


For the production of refined cooking oil, oilseeds are heated to a very high temperature which destroys beta carotene and vitamin E. The healthy and nutritional benefits of oilseeds are thoroughly retained in cold-pressed oils. Vitamin E has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Cold-pressing helps retain healthy and natural antioxidants, which are otherwise often removed due to the heating process.


As per skin experts and scientific research, cold-pressed oils can be used as moisturizers and toners for the human skin. For people with frizzy hair, these oils can be used as a hair mask. Due to their vitamin-rich configuration and aromatic properties, cold-pressed oils are great for use on the face and the neck. Many cosmetic experts have also suggested that tint or foundation cream can be supplemented by mixing cold-pressed oils with them to use as a base for make-up.


Since ancient times, people in the Indian subcontinent have been using cold-pressed oils as a way of life. This abruptly changed about 50-60 years ago when refined oil became readily available for a very cheap price due to large-scale industrial manufacturing. But it is scientifically a well-known fact that cold-pressed natural oils have a higher nutritional value and can even last for up to a year if stored in earthen clay containers. This is evident from the ayurvedic texts which have been propagated through the centuries.

Uses of Cold Pressed Oils

Groundnut Oil

Helps in reducing heart disease rich in antioxidants thereby protects against cancer. Cold-pressed groundnut oil is rich in MUFA. It is free of trans fat and is ideal for cooking.

Mustard Oil

Unrefined mustard oil has an ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids; it is also low in saturated fatty acids and rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), making it extremely heart-friendly.

Sesame Oil

Contains sesamol, which is rich in vitamins B6 & B12, and is an effective anti-oxidant. Sesame oil has a strong taste and is used in small amounts, best suited for daily cooking.

Coconut Oil

Retains cocositol which is helpful in the generation of new neuron cells as well. It is beneficial for people with neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Ideal for seasoning gravies and chutneys.