Choice of Cooking Oils

There can be no doubt as to the importance oil plays in our lives as Indians. Cooking oil is not an additive or extra but rather a necessity in most of our dishes. It is nearly impossible to imagine a whole meal here with no extensive use of cooking oil.

What this means is that a simple choice such as which cooking oil to use when she how can have an unthinkable impact on our lives in big and small ways. Today we will share with you five crucial insights into just how important making the right choice here is. 

Do not use refined oil

This may sound counterintuitive to many of us in urban India. Refined oil is so well known and used that it has become a constant in nearly all households. This is extremely troubling given that it is the most harmful form of cooking oil possible. 

Studies have clearly linked refined oil to higher chances of cancer and diabetes in regular users. Your first decision must be to stop using refined oil entirely.

Cold-pressed oils

As we just discouraged you from using refined oil at all costs, you may wonder what are the closest alternatives you have available to you. The simple answer is that you should look to use local or cold-pressed oils in your cooking. These filtered oils are much healthier and safer for you to use daily or regularly.

Different oils

Most Indian households have a habit of using the same kind of coming oil for nearly all purposes and in all forms. This is ill-advised. The most intelligent thing to do is to use different oils depending on what you are cooking. Similarly, different oils text differently in heat, and thus based on your requirement you must use separate oils when making high heat, medium heat, or low heat dishes.

Use native oils

Have you ever wondered why many European nations use olive oil extensively? Apart from its benefits, it is also the native oil. It suits the conditions and weather there for those people. The same is true for here. Native oils are the best when it comes to being suitable for the time of the year, the weather, and the need. Careful marketing may have you believe that olive oil is the need but the reality is that the need is to use the oils of the land and time

Do not reuse an oil

It is an undeniable habit of saving money and resources in most Indian households, be it rural or urban, that oil which is used is put through a sieve and used again. While this may not be very problematic if the oil is in excess after a shallow fry, the same cannot be said for deep frying. When something is deep-fried in oil, the oil tends to release trans fat and may also develop other dangerous substances in itself if reused. The negative effect of this is immeasurable. Do not do this at any cost.

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