Meera Natural Oils' Story

How It All Started

The founder of Meera Natural Oils, Mr. Rajendra Baisla, having worked in the IT industry with prestigious organizations for more than 9 years. During the time of Covid-19 lockdown, realized that the ancient Indian subcontinent had given the world the culture of extracting Kacchi Ghani (now more commonly known as Cold Pressed) oils. This practice was subsequently lost during the middle of the 20th century when mass-scale industrial production gave way to the flooding of the edible oil market with refined oils. Now with the start of the 21st century, western countries are now adapting back to using cold-pressed and natural oils while we Indians are still consuming refined oils that are produced using heat extraction and chemical treatment. These refined oils are a major cause of and contribute highly to cardiovascular diseases and health complications. 

What We Wish To Accomplish

Meera Natural Oils endeavors to reintroduce the concept of using kacchi ghani oil in cooking and skincare as has been proposed by Ayurveda and ancient Indian texts. Clubbing this thought with the push for PM Modi’s call for “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal for Local”, we at Meera Natural Oils are partnering with local farmers to use home-grown produce of oil-seeds so that high levels of quality assurance can be met while also supporting the local farmers by giving them fair prices for their produce which is bound to improve their income levels.

Push for a Digital Process

As a move towards “Digital Bharat”, Meera Natural Oils is on the way to digitally transform all its processes from raw material procurement to end product sales to give a boost to the digital transformation of the Indian economy and seamlessly integrate with the global market platforms to reach out to the millions of potential consumers.

Why Choose Our Products

With so many brands and their numerous products flooding the markets, it has become a daunting task to make healthy food choices for your family. We can not be sure whether the food product that we are lifting off the shelf is free of harmful chemicals or not. The bigger the manufacturing company, the higher is the chance that their focus is on earning higher profit margins instead of providing healthy food options. This directly results in adverse health complications such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer risk, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

At Meera Natural Oils, we are committed to providing food items that are beneficial for your health and also for the safety of our planet Earth.

Ayurvedic Benefits

With the most well known ancient ayurvedic texts promoting the use of cold-pressed oils, we bring to you the long lost traditions which are being revived to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Natural Products

The natural extraction process of oil from oil seeds ensures that the oils retain their healthy qualities. No chemical or artificial additives are used in the manufacturing of cold pressed oils.


Modern technology, combined with traditional extraction processes gives emphasis to a cleaner environment while keeping the entire cycle sustainable from a natural perspective.

Fair Trade

Our direct sourcing of raw materials from the farmers ensures that we provide them with fair prices for their produce by eliminating the need for an intermediate beneficiary in the form of middlemen.

Boost to Immunity

Replete with oleic acids and natural antioxidants, cold pressed oils reduce the risk of cell damage in the human body, thereby also providing a much needed boost to the immune system.

Local Supply Chain

With a sourcing and distribution policy aimed towards making the farmers self-sufficient and increasing their income levels, Meera Natural Oils is a true torchbearer of